Arabella’s Exhibition Space (AES) regularly displays and sells reasonably priced contemporary art by up and coming artists through an active search for work that analyzes cultures, cultural heritage, and ethnicity. Not only are these works forms of expression, but artifacts that encapsulate an array of histories and cultures no matter how dysfunctional. Each piece is an embodiment of a moment in time.


AES was founded by artists Jorge Ayala and Jom Rivers, on 7th street in Downtown Los Angeles. In an effort to combat consumer culture, which is constantly invading and controlling the sense of self. They create and collect work from personal yet deliberately focused perspectives connecting history to present. AES projects challenge perceived identities imposed by mainstream culture.

AES offers free admission to all openings. Rotating exhibitions are held on the second Thursday of every month for three weeks between the months of May and January. In addition to regular open hours, AES offers innovative public programs and engaging events.


Founding Directors, Arabella's exhibition Space (AES) Jorge Ayala & Jom Rivers

Jorge Ayala is a Los Angeles native with a background managing multiple businesses in dtla, years before launching AES. In addition to being a founding director, Jorge maintains a personal art practice consisting of painting, drawing, sculpture, video/film, and sound. Jorge’s business skills developed from his artistic and social-based practices and his interests in social, open participation-based groups. His communal management style complements his artistic methodology, creating models that mediate the; author/spectator, active/passive, and real life/art, in order to analyze and improve the ways we contribute to social experience.

Jom /jōm/ Rivers is one of the founding directors and resident artists at AES. He maintains his solo art practice as a mixed media sculptor working out of a shared Alta Loma studio referred to as Studio East with woodworker Denis Hays, in affiliation with the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for the Arts and Crafts. In addition to sculpture, Jom is the Creative Director of Dreadlocks and the Three Bears Productions, a children's media company for  Black youth. He also produces numerous independent projects from film, media, and Radio to industrial design and fabrication.